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The Dope Tapes
by Michael Aldrich
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"Seventeen-year-old track star, John Owens, has never used any drug stronger than pot, until he meets an older woman who introduces him to crack cocaine. He quickly becomes addicted but is able to hide his problem from all except his best friend, Chris. - Written by Herman Seifer " -from IMDB <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
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Topic: vhs
Source: VHS Panasonic AG-1980>Panasonic DMR-E30>CDR via OSX
Prelinger Archives
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Vintage erotic dance video showing a woman named Sheree dancing first in a tiger-print outfit, then in a bikini.
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Topics: Vintage Erotica, Erotic Dance
A/V Geeks
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Shows what the magic of fragrance can do for every woman. Gives her added confidence, a heightened personality and a uniqueness that is all her own. Tells where exotic scents come from and offers suggestions on the selection and application of various perfumes and colognes. To license this film and get a higher quality version for broadcast/film purposes, contact A/V Geeks LLC .
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Access Humboldt
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A video about hands.
Topics: Access Humboldt, California, Humboldt County, Entertainment
Community Video
by Orson Welles
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Footage of The hearts of Age (1934) by Orson Welles & Rainbow Dance (1936) Kaleidoscope (1935) Colour Flight (1938) by Len Lye. Music by Gestalt OrchestrA from Brian Eno & David Byrne My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. Freely downloadable (creative commons) here
Topics: Orson Welles, Len Lye, Brian Eno, David Byrne, Robert Fripp, Bill Laswell, Gestalt OrchestrA,...
Community Video
by Walt Thisney & Chromatic
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Lounge Sensual Dreams is a giant video clip in 5 Dreams. The full album is available in free download here Thanks so much to the amazing directors of the short movies remix in the video clip art : Shuji Terayama & Takeshi It0 & Hollis Frampton & Bruce Baillie...  Beside this I hope everyone who will watch this will understand the symbolic langage meaning. Indeed this is not soft erotic art but something a little bit more transgressive......
Topics: walt thisney, chromatic, shuji terayama, edend, colibri necrophile, psychedelia, erotism,...
Educational Films
by Kobland, Ken
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Director, Ken Kobland
Topics: Experimental films, Experimental films
A/V Geeks
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Achieves a first revolution rendezvous and docking. Includes extravehicular activity with astronaut Richard Gordon attaching a tether to the Agena for station keeping exercises. Points out that the Agena burn propels astronauts Conrad and Gordon to a new altitude record of 739.4 nautical miles with an utterly fantastic view of the earth. Features the first fully automatic reentry in the Gemini Program. To license this film and get a higher quality version for broadcast/film purposes, contact...
Topics: NASA, Gemini 11
VJ Loops & Performances
by VJ SteveG
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VJ SteveG - CG8 Girlface variations
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Topics: VJ SteveG, VJ Loop, VJ, Visuals
VJ Loops & Performances
by Timothy Jaeger
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Shots from inside a mannequin factory, 640 x 480 Quicktime, suitable for VJ performances
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Topics: factory, mannequin, VJ